About me

Fires googolplex ideas per minute, hacks in his free time, R&D guy. Different barb, same wire.
Works on distributed systems, infosec, network intelligence, ML, AI, embedded systems and more…
Writes in Türkçe/English/Deutsch? and loves Chaos Theory (http://bit.ly/8digitsafter)

Here I expatiate things(sometimes digress) such as scientific researches,
software development, security, hacks, and life.

  • Currently working in Fyber
  • Please answer with first five bytes of Rijndael's Inverse S-box in HEX without googling so we can meet:

  • I love wood werkz. I should publish my portfolio ASAP in somewhere near.
  • And I make music. Lover of jazz, blues, rock, syntwave and metal too.
Nationality: Turkish & Лезгияр  
Height: 181cm  
Weight: 94kg  
Residence: 52°31'12.0252"N 13°24'17.8344"E  

People needs money since the invention of money. I need it too as homo sapiens.
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Member of The Internet Defense League