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Algebra of cracking: Vol.1.

If someone strips the debug info from an executable. It won't stop anyone who wants to hack it.
And don't use embedded DEFINE macro also. Something like:

#define FOO(x, y, result) \
    do { \
        do { \
            --x; \
            ++y; \
        } while(x > y); \
        result = x * y; \
    } while(0)         

This definition shouldn't be used in code for obfuscating, hiding algorithms and anything else.
Why? Because it directly takes place in the binary layout and makes itself readable in there.
Consider above definition as a sequence of characters like ISTANBUL

We assumed that it used three times in code:


but for example GDANSK can be written like WARSAW in code but still compile time optimization make it GDANSK in binary.
ISTANBUL will stay as itself. The same code can be like below in different environment:


So dear developer;

Just things will take more time for us, but if we know some simple ways it won't again.

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