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New features in токамак

New features in токамак.

Yay! токамак reached to 0.2.8.

Here are the new features and overview of them:

  • Introduce токамак project file Tokamak Config File

From now on токамак will use its own config file in projects to customize itself. Later on I want to write helper to make mass builds and extract BufferedProcesses from Atom plugin.

  • Make Rustup default toolchain manager and add RustUp support

Tokamak RustUp Support

Now we are using RustUp by default. Still Multirust support continues. But will going to remove...

  • Auto formatting code and RustFmt support

Tokamak RustFmt Support

Now we can manually format or auto format the code in токамак by the help of RustFmt.

  • Contextual hide for toolbar if open project isn't a Rust project.

We were firing up токамак and loading all components, menus and other features in any condition, now we are firing it up only it is a real токамак project.

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